11th Sailing Pediatric Infectious Diseases Meeting

11th Sailing Pediatric Infectious Diseases Meeting
Athens October 6-7, 2007

Scientific Program

Saturday October 6, 2007

Session 1, 16:00-16.30

Moderator: Manolis Galanakis
Scientific Movies with Greek translation:
1. “The immunomodulating effect of adjuvant system 04.”

Session 2, 16.30-18.40
• Dimitri Kafetzis: Introduction
• Manolis Galanakis: Viral encephalitis S. Mantagos
• Mairy Theodoridou: Are H. influenzae untypable
infections important in pediatric practice? Α. Constantopoulos
• Costas Sinaniotis: Controversies in the management
of urinary tract infections G. Syrogianopoulos
• Dimitris Kafetzis: New viruses in respiratory infections Μ. Τsolia
• Patrick Poirot: “HPV Vaccination in Adolescents” Μ. Roilides

Coffee break: 18.40-19.05

Session 3, 19.05-21.00

• George Syrogianopoulos: Influence of pneumococcal
conjugate vaccination on pneumoccocal carriage in Greece V. Papaevagelou
• Maria Tsolia: Diagnosis and treatment of tracheal lemphadenitis Μ. Theodoridou
• Carlo Giaquinto Rotavirus: An avoidable burden inEurope F. Kanakoudi
• Bernard Hoet: Rotarix state of the art presentation «
• Jacek Mrukowicz: European experts call for vaccination
of all babies «

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Session 4, 09:30-10.30 Moderator: J. Kavaliotis

• Alexandra Papadopoulou: The use of Probiotics by pediatricians
• Vana Papaevagelou: Hepatitis A. Is it time for mass vaccination in Greece
• John Kosmides: Recently emerged infections in Europe

Coffee break 10.30-11.0

Session 5, 11.0-13.00

Moderator: D. Kafetzis

I. Pavlopoulou: A 15 months old boy with fever and splenomegaly
II. H. Papadimitriou: Fever in a 3 months old infant
III. K. Katziou: A 2.5 years old girl with pleural effusion and diarrhea
IV. Papaevagelou: A 3 months old boy with bilateral inguinal lymphadenitis